Examples of Medical Malpractice

Examples of Medical Malpractice

There is a variety of medical malpractice, and here are some of the cases.

Postoperative Negligence

This type of malpractice refers to the subsequent and monitoring care, which a patient receives after an operation. The surgeon is responsible for monitoring their patients for other complications that may come after treatment or surgery like treating and preventing infections, giving detailed instruction to the patient for post-surgery care and preventing complications. If the doctor fails to do so, the patient may suffer severe injury, and they have a valid lawsuit on their hands.

Anesthesia Errors

There are three types of anesthesia that a doctor may employ on a patient: general, local, and general. Each of this anesthesia has its purpose. One of the most common complications of anesthesia error is awareness or when a patient wakes up in the middle of the surgery and become aware of what is going on. Patients who are victims of anesthesia errors can file for a claim for physical and emotional injury.

Emergency Room Errors

The emergency room is a hectic place where everything is rushed, and in this condition, the medical professionals should still uphold the standard of care for the patients. In some cases, though, negligence of doctors, nurses, and other staff members still occur, which can lead to a severe and debilitating injury. When these errors occur, the victims can file a claim and get compensation.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

If a doctor failed to give a correct diagnosis can harm the patient and to his or her family. This misdiagnosis or failure to provide diagnosis can leave the patients with a long-lasting impairment or could result in fatalities.

Hospital Indirect Liability

The hospital can also be held liable for the injuries that are caused by the disregard of their employees, which includes the nurses, technicians, among others because it is their role to supervise and direct their employees. This liability lawsuit covers the negligence of their employees, including the systemic issues inside the hospital, the unreasonably long lines at the emergency room and infections from unclean instruments.

Hospital Malpractice

Patients can also file a hospital negligence lawsuit against the hospital where they got injured. The hospital is charged because they did not evaluate their employees adequately. If they hired qualified employees, they could be held liable for the injury caused by the employee’s negligence.

Errors from Medical Device

The medical devices are regularly used to treat the patients in the hospital, sometimes their misuse or failure can result in an injury or worse death to a patient. A manufacturer’s defect can cause it or misused by the medical professional due to inadequate training, lack of skills or negligence.